To scores of HGTV viewers he's known simply as "TYM", the "renaissance guy" on the hit reality TV series, HGTV Design Star, (the highest rated show ever for the network). That's where Tym energetically showcased a variety of abilities including his highly inventive designing to actual hands on execution, all while navigating cleanly among his drama-laden cast mates. He is an unabashed "less is more" artist/designer with a highly inventive design sense that can't help but draw you in, but that's just the beginning!

Tym's skills and abilities go well beyond his Design Star persona, (interior and exterior design) to fine artist, (sculptural furniture and photography) award winning singer/songwriter as well as a run at professional ski racing and adventure skiing and plenty more. Oh yeah, there's a common thread here, running like top stitch on a leisure suit lapel, a passion for using his wild imagination in a creative and inspiring way in everything he does!

Tym tells us, "Some of the projects I've been working on since the show include hosting the new design trends show, "Style File" for the World Market Center in Las Vegas, speaking at major metro Home Shows in California and designing downtown apartment renovations in my home city. I'm really enjoying the on-camera work and have been able to get an agent in L.A. who's been great. I've already had a few auditions and even made the final six to screen test for ABC's Extreme Makeover; Home Edition, (that was a rush)! "says Tym."I have a few things coming up that I'm really excited about like my new Design Tips, Makeover Videos, and new furniture called Y Modern, a design & travel blog, really fun stuff! I also have a book in the works so watch out for that. Getting a chance to help build homes with Habitat for Humanity at the 2007 Jimmy Carter Work Project in L.A. and doing a Flower Fairy theme bedroom for the Make A Wish Foundation has been such a blessing to me. I want to always find ways to inspire peoples everyday journey and Design Star has really given me a chance to do that."

Tym graduated from Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania with a combined major in Art and Business. During his late college years he met and married his wife Dawn, (herself a successful artist) and went on to manage her highly successful art career while pursuing his own professional racing and adventure skiing. He also produced and hosted his own tech tip skiing series for television and appeared in two action sports videos.

Tym soon began to pursue his own art career doing manipulated photography and was accepted into many of the top juried art festivals in the country. On the heels of photography Tym forged a partnership with long time friend, Dougal Hartman to develop a highly inventive sculptural furniture line.

The design and building of his families own residence and studio became the catalyst for a number of significant design projects. Design grew to be a primary endeavor for Tym including both residential and commercial projects. Tym is a unique designer in that he can not only design but is able to be hands-on with many tasks required to execute the design.

From the earliest of his creative design endeavors, Tym has been drawn to eco-design as a given not an option. As Tym said in his latest "Style File" show for World Market Center, "The green trend is officially over" it's over because it's no longer a trend but a lifestyle commitment. To say you're a designer in the 21st century and not be using sustainable materials, re-purposed items or recycled products whenever possible well, that's not really design at all. Interior/exterior design is all about finding beautiful, creative and functional solutions to inspire a persons everyday journey through their surroundings and that means minimizing the damage for future generations.

In recent years, Tym has added another successful creative undertaking to his quiver of skills, (singer/songwriter) winning two major showcases almost immediately. Along with his recent design and television projects, Tym has been in the studio recording some of his best music to date.

Whether it's on camera, in front of an audience, designing for a client, sculptural furniture, music or any other endeavor in Tym's plethora of skills, you can bet it will happen full-on, with all out creativity!


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